Research Paper On Same-Sex Marriage

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The blue bars in states where same-sex marriage was not legal until 2014 or 2015 represent joint filers that were married in a state other than their state of residence (that is: they got married in a state where same-sex marriage legal in 2013, but lived permanently in another state).

In general, overall rates of same-sex filing in 2015 were highest in states that had legalized same-sex marriage prior to 2013 or in 2013.

In this context, the analysis of IRS data is an important new contribution to understanding the demographics and economic characteristics of same-sex married couples in the U. during a period of political importance and major shifts in civil rights. he authors did not receive financial support from any firm or person for this article or from any firm or person with a financial or political interest in this article.

They are currently not an officer, director, or board member of any organization with an interest in this article.

Male-male couples earned about $168,233 and different-sex couples earned about $119,803.

That’s a gain of about ,000 for male-male couples.

The UN Human Rights Council, expressing “grave concerns” over violence and discrimination against individuals based on sexual orientation and gender identity, commissioned the body’s first study on the topic [PDF] in 2011.

In 2014 the council passed a resolution to combat anti-LGBT violence and discrimination.

In addition to geographic differences, the report also sheds light on pay disparities between same-sex couples and their different-sex peers—and how the disparities differ depending on whether a couple is comprised of two men or two women.

To start with, the gap in average annual incomes of male-male couples and female-female couples is significant.


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