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In other words, it means that when the customers assess a brand name, they spontaneously think of the features of a brand.

Mohajerani and Miremadi (2012) explained that image is the overall impression made in the minds of the public about something.

They also stated that the image of service organization is diverse, and therefore, each customer has different types of expected impression, experiences and contacts with the organization, and that leads to a different image acceptance.

Recent views of hotel operators stated that a solid brand image has the capacity to improve corporate esteem, financial performance, occupancy, average price, revenue and degree of profitability (Fung So, King, Sparks, & Wang, 2013).

Therefore, establishing a strong brand image is inevitable to ensure the overall organizational success.

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This research was conducted to study the importance of brand image towards customers’ satisfaction and to examine whether the brand image influences customers’ satisfaction.Therefore, this study has the capacity to offer hotel operators a way to plan, formulate, and decide to what extent they should improve their brand image to compete in the long run. Peer-review under responsibility of the Universiti Teknologi MARA Sarawak doi: 10.1016/j.sbspro.20 1.Introduction Hospitality and tourism industry worldwide have developed into a truly global industry in which both consumers and producers are spread worldwide.Therefore, this study has the capacity to offer hotel operators a way to plan, formulate, and decide to what extent they should improve their brand image to compete in the long run.Available online at Direct Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 224 (2016) 149 - 157 6th International Research Symposium in Service Management, IRSSM-6 2015, 11-15 August 2015, Ui TM Sarawak, Kuching, Malaysia A Study of Brand Image towards Customer's Satisfaction in the Malaysian Hotel Industry Johanudin Lahap^*, Nur Safiah Ramlib, Noraslinda Mohd Saidc, Salleh Mohd Radzid, Razlan Adli Zaine a' b'c Universiti Teknologi MARA, Penang 13500, Malaysia d Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam 40450, Malaysia e Universiti Teknologi MARA, Dungun 23000, Malaysia Abstract Branding is known to be important to an organization.The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) reports ranked Malaysia as the best ten tourist destination in 2012.The Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) has recorded a total of 2,724 hotels with a total of 195,445 hotels rooms to cater the inflow of international tourist and domestic consumption (Tourism Malaysia, 2014).Moreover, one approach in keeping up customer's brand dedication is to emulate an existing positive brand image implemented by successful organization (Kayaman & Arasli, 2007).The hotel image is also an important variable that positively or negatively influences marketing strategies of the hotel itself (Lahap et al., 2014).Innovation and creativity is a crucial element in maintaining competitive edge in this industry (Lahap, O' Mahony & Dalrymple, 2014; Tigu, Iorgulescu and Ravar, 2013).Thus, hotel operators have to explore hard especially in creating unique and distinctive service features that be able to meet and exceed customer's expectations (Liat & Rashid, 2013). Brand image Image is an important element of a hotel, a brand acts as the most influential element in services because of its natural uniqueness like perishability, inseparability, tangibility and heterogeneity (Dhillon, 2013).


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