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Jesus Christ was a Jew who began to teach disciples and convince to believe in a single God.His lifelong teaching did not go contrary to the basic ideas laid down in the Old Testament, and therefore modern reading of his life and the New Testament is losing from the fact that one often forget how much Jesus was connected with Judaism (Cohen).

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Like any other religion at the beginning of its inception, Christianity does not have a single canon, where one can check what is right and canonical and what contradicts the idea itself.

At the same time, it was Paul who achieved a clear break in Christianity from Judaism, which allowed a large number of pagans to get acquainted and accept this religion (Mac Mullen).

Judaism was not a closed religion, that means that anyone could start to confess Judaism and become a member of the community, but the features of the faith and the unity of the Jews removed them from the public view of pagans who did not have such a monotheistic religion.

However, it should be remembered that the Roman Empire had two official languages of communication – Ancient Greek and Latin, allowing to communicate with the majority of the inhabitants of the entire vast empire (Chadwick).

Since the first Christians were mostly marginalized groups and slaves, and Christianity promised happiness and peace after death, life seemed only a transitional stage that does not depend on people and their actions as the citizens of the Empire: the system did not appreciate them and did not provide opportunities for social mobility, while the faith promised tranquility and happiness after death, subject to relatively simple rules that did not need any status or financial resources.

Examples of valor and devotion to the belief in salvation after death can be considered as one of the examples of how a smart emperor can use his people’s ability to die for faith in own interests or interests of the Empire.

The sphere of our interests is not limited to Christianity.

We can share with you brilliant religion research papers and essays about Mormonism, Buddhism, and even Atheism. Which Benefits Did Ancient Emperors Experience From Christianity?

During his trip, Paul preached, taught and familiar a large number of people with a new religion.

This happened in the first century of the contemporary era, at a time when Christianity began to institutionalize.


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