Relevance Of The Beautiful And Other Essays

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One sign that a book has literary value is that it can be read in a number of different ways.

Though a W'ork of literature can be read in a number of ways, this number is finite and can be arranged in a hierarchical order; some readings are obviously “truer” than others, some doubtful, some obviously false, and some, like reading a novel backwards, absurd.

Y., for “Ben Jonson Entertains a Man from Stratford'* from Collected Poems of Edwin Arlington Robinson. For NEVILL COGHILL Three grateful memories: a home full of hooks, a childhood sfent in country 'provinces, a tutor in whom one could confide.

“The American Scene" reprinted with the permission of Charles Scribner's Sons from a reissue of The American Scene by Henry James. “Red Ribbon on a White Horse" reprinted with the permission of Charles Scribner's Sons from a reissue of Red Rihhon on a White Horse by Anzia Yezierska. The article on page 209 appeared originally in The New Yorker.

It is difficult to overstate the extent to which Russell's thought dominated twentieth century analytic philosophy: virtually every strand in its development either originated with him or was transformed by being transmitted through him.

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~ Nicholas Griffin He was the most fascinating man I have ever known, the only man I ever loved, the greatest man I shall ever meet, the wittiest, the gayest, the most charming.

H, Auden COLLECTED SHORTER POEMS I930-I944 THE SHIELD OF ACHILLES NONES HOMAGE TO CLIO THE AGE OF ANXIETY FOR THE TIME BEING POEMS SOME POEMS MOUNTAINS (Ariel Poems) SELECTED ESSAYS Faber Paper Covered Editions edited by W. Auden THE FABER BOOK OF MODERN AMERICAN VERSE SELECTED WRITINGS OF SYDNEY SMITH with Christopher Isherwood THE DOG BENEATH THE SKIN THE ASCENT OF f6 with Chester Kallmann AN ELIZABETHAN SONG BOOK (edited by) THE MAGIC FLUTE (translated by) W. AUDEN THE DYER’S HAND and other essays FABER AND FABER 24 Russell Square London First published in England in mcmlxiii by Faber if Faber Limited 24 Russell S(juare London W, C. Auden The author wishes to thank the following for pemnssion to reprint material included in these essays: Jonathan Cape Ltd. Sometimes one feels cramped, forced to omit or oversimplify arguments; more often, all one really has to say could be put down in half the allotted space, and one can only try to pad as inconspicuously as possible.

[ be ebatged for each fday the book THE DYER'S HAND AND OTHER ESSAYS also by W. Only rarely do the conditions set down conform exactly with one’s thought.

Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell (May 18, 1872 – February 2, 1970) was a British philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, and social critic.

In 1950, he was awarded a Nobel Prize in Literature.


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