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As humans, there is only so much we can take when it comes to segregation before we act out.... With red lights flashin' time to retire, And then we turned that liquor store into a structure fire,” people ,running through the streets, had no pity when demolishing small businesses and taking what ever they may want from them....[tags: American History Race Riots] - “April 26th, 1992, there was a riot on the streets, tell me where were you! You were sittin' home watchin' your TV, while I was paticipatin' in some anarchy,” these are the lyrics Sublime uses in their song ‘April 26, 1992’ to describe what happened during the Los Angeles Riots of 1992. [tags: LA Riots 1992] - The Stonewall Riots occurred in the Greenwich Village district of New York City in June of the year 1969.- The 1960’s were an era in the United States where new ideas were developing, and most specifically ideas pertaining to the civil rights movement and its expansion.

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Central Los Angeles, California was blown away by one of those demonstrations.

"It was the worst urban riot since the 1943 disturbance in Detroit" (Bradley 896). ..Bush sent one thousand lawmen and four thousand soldiers to Southern California to try and contain the problem.

Someone then throws a rock, then a bottle, and then all of a sudden here comes an array of Molctov Cocktails and guns.

You then have a mob of people with built up tension and anger, ready to crush and destroy whatever stands in their way of their demonstration.

If everyone were treated equally, then it would not be a problem.

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But for inner city African Americans that isn't the case.Shortly after the Stonewall Riots, it was time for the Annual Reminder, a picket in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia.This year seventy-five picketers showed up, their biggest turn out yet.According to reports, the Los Angeles riot all started on the evening of August 11, 1965: Two white California Highway Patrol Officers pursued a weaving automobile for six bl... Astonishingly, the most heartfelt call for peace and calm came from Rodney King himself: "Can we all get along? Can we stop making it horrible for the older people and the kids? Many consider these demonstrations to be the stimulus that began the fight for LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioned Sexuality) not just in the United States but also around much of the globe.Increased acceptance of homosexuals began just weeks after the event, raising awareness and opening more businesses for LGBT use. The causes of the Stonewall Riots were anti-gay laws, NYPD corruption, and lack of media attention....Over the course of nearly a century, African-Americans would be deprived and face adversity to their rights....[tags: Riots] - The Stonewall riots became a symbolic call to arms for many, it was gays and lesbians literally fighting back.There is only so much hate a person can take before letting it be known, once a person is pushed over that threshold there is no holding back. Overwhelming hate and anger with revenge takes hold and all thoughts of consequences rushes out of a person's body.


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