Reasons To Legalize Prostitution Essay

A study from the Christchurch School of Medicine found that “90 percent of sex workers believed the PRA gave them employment, legal and health and safety rights.

A substantial 64 percent found it easier to refuse clients.

When we decriminalize sex work, sex workers lives get better.

It makes it possible for them to go to police when dealing with unruly clients, rather than being reluctant to do so because it’s illegal.

I tried this experiment and discovered that I do not like to imagine my family members having sex of any kind, paid or unpaid. But, then, as Elizabeth Nolan Brown points out, the people making this argument do not necessarily have daughters, either.

So, here is a brief list of professions I would not want my fictitious daughter to enter into: You can agree or disagree with me that I’m right to not want a daughter to enter into those professions.You can look directly to the sex workers it affects.One sex worker told that as a result of the shutdown she was, “devastated and terrified” and that “people are going to die” as prostitution will be forced further underground and prostitutes will have to work with more dangerous people. Surely you wouldn’t want to see your child do sex work.”Thus goes the common refrain whenever the topic of decriminalizing sex work arises.I submit that virtually every honest person — those with children of their own, as well as those who merely possess a functional moral imagination — will admit to being appalled at the thought.People are allowed to enter into professions where their body is seen as a tool of the trade.People are allowed to enter professions that seem morally questionable.Attorney General Jeff Sessions described the website as the “dominant marketplace for illicit commercial sex, a place where sex traffickers frequently advertised children and adults alike." (One co-founder has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to facilitate prostitution; the other co-founders have pleaded not guilty.) The Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) legislation promises to further reduce legal protections for these sites, which means that more of them will likely shut down in the future. However, criminalizing prostitution—or sites that facilitate sex work transactions—thereby pushing it further underground, isn’t necessarily thought to be helpful when it comes to ending trafficking.Trafficking, in which women and children are forced into sex work (or other occupations), is morally heinous. The ACLU explains that people being trafficked “are vulnerable because they often work in jobs that are hidden from the public view and unregulated by the government.”Critics of decriminalizing prostitution often point to increased reports of trafficking in countries that have legalized prostitution, such as Germany.Social attitudes surrounding prostitution have evolved and changed many times from a notable necessity to a cultural malevolence.With the rise and evolution of many religious movements throughout history, primarily Christianity, prostitution has been criticized, shunned, blamed, persecuted, and demonized.


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