Reasons To Hire Me Essay

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Recruiters search Monster every day looking to fill top jobs with qualified candidates.

You’ll be rolling into a new job before long, no question about it.

We look at their academic performance: How good of a student were they?

Were they respected or looked at in any way by their professor as disloyal?

“The amazing thing about our agency is that there is no super secret password or thing to say,” Patrick explains.

It’s not as if “someone has a glimmer of [what the right words are so] we let you in the club.” I feign a sigh of disappointment as he continues. Everything out there—movies and books—make it seem as if there is some secret way to get into the CIA, when in fact it’s not so secret.” The CIA’s recruitment procedure is a multi-step process that looks at the “whole person,” as Patrick puts it.No mystery to solve here: This is classic CIA recruitment. “Coming to work at the CIA is not like coming to work at a technical company or a big retail chain,” says Ron Patrick, the CIA’s head of recruitment. You are serving your family, your friends.” When it comes to deciding to interview at the CIA, or hiring a particular candidate, choices aren’t made lightly.A 29-year veteran of the CIA, Patrick has overseen the recruitment of some of the agency’s—and the world’s—best spies, as well as equally critical analysts and support staff.About eight in 10 employers said they measure for cultural fit when hiring job candidates, one survey by international development firm Cubiks found.Read: Part of your answer to “Why should we hire you” should indicate why you’ll be a good match for the company’s environment.(“This isn’t a traditional company, which is wonderful because I don’t consider myself a traditional worker.Like you, I thrive on innovation.”) Using trite words or phrases to articulate your value is one of the biggest mistakes job candidates make, says Claman.Your personal career goals are certainly important, but this question is an opportunity to explain how you’ll bring value to the company. My background has given me valuable experience in that realm, and I have a lot of ideas as to how we can make that happen together.”) You can also learn a lot from a job posting, says Priscilla Claman, president of Career Strategies Incorporated.To prepare, research everything you can about the business’ agenda—read its website, social media, quarterly reports, company profiles on Monster, press releases, and recent news stories about the company. Most job descriptions outline not only the job responsibilities and qualifications, but also what core skills are required to be successful in the position.Rather than how you’ve collaborated well with co-workers in the past. I know you've probably heard that before, so let me give you an example.”) To impress a hiring manager, you have to show confidence, says Julie Jansen, career coach and author of “Employers like to see that you know what your strengths are and that you know you bring value,” Jansen says.Look at past performance reviews to see what managers praised you for and talk to former co-workers about your contributions—then highlight those skills or achievements.


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