While the fetal causes showed a prevalence of 22.85%, 20%, 14.28%, 5.72% due to primary uterine inertia, incomplete dilation of a cervix of 17.15% due to maldisposition in cow- buffaloes as compared to fetal monster and fetal emphysema. ailure to progress in labor, either maternal and/or fetal causes, for instance, an obstruction or constriction of the birth passage or abnormal size, shape, position, or condition of the fetus, or pathological or difficult labor is referred to dystocia ().Mal presentations, uterine torsion, body weight at birth, twines, perinatal death, ring womb, birth body condition at calving and duration of gestation period are referred to direct and phenotypic factors.Low incidence rate of dystocia cases in buffalo compared to dystocia rate in cattle could be due to variation in anatomic aspect of a birth canal in these animals as well as birth body mass of fetus and calving positions ().

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Failure of abdominal wall muscles to contract forcefully to contribute in the second stage of labor might be visceral pain, urinary tract infection, weak and / or tired abdominal muscles, which could be a presence in old age animals as well as traumatic reticulitis/pericarditis, painful conditions of the diaphragm () who found that 13.10% of dystocia cases in Murrah buffalos were suffered from insufficient cervix dilation.

Failure of a cervix to dilate completely might be due to mechanical, functional and /or hormonal cause’s hormonal cause.

Depletion of calcium due to continuous uterine contractions without compensation from the body as a result of the low level of calcium or lack of time, to compensate despite the good level within the body will lead to weak uterus and failure to push out the fetus out of the birth canal normally.

In hypocalcemic buffalo, delivery needs expulsive forced contraction to help the uterine contraction to push the fetus through the birth canal, while the animal is hypocalcemic, the strength of muscle contraction is insufficient to have a role in second stage of labor to expel the fetus ().

tocia were Primary Uterine inertia (22.85) but incomplete dilation of cervix (20%), uterine torsion (14.28) and Narrow pelvis in buffaloes (5.72%).

While the main fetal cause was mal disposition of the fetus in Iraqi cow buffaloes (17.15%),because of lateral deviation of the head, downward displacement of the head, bilateral carpal flexion, bilateral shoulder flexion, bilateral hock flexion.

In this study, dystocia weather maternal and / or fetal causes in Iraqi cow-buffaloes were analyzed.

A total of 35 cow-buffaloes were admitted to the Clinic College of Veterinary Medicine, Mosul University 12 to 24 hours after starting delivery. Either maternal or fetal (37.1%) in origin (62.85%), The maternal one showed a prevalence of 22.85%, 20%, 14.28%, 5.72% due to primary uterine inertia, incomplete dilation of a cervix, uterine torsion and narrow pelvis in buffaloes respectively. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

(B) Dead buffaloes fetal Hydrocephalus with perosomuselumbis after delivery by Cesarean Section.

(C) Dead male buffaloes fetal Anasarca after delivery by Cesarean Section.(D) dead fetal emphysema after delivery by Cesarean Section.(E) Cow-Buffalo suffering from Dystocia due to lateral deviation of the head delivered after correction of the head.(F) Cow- Buffalo suffering from Dystocia due to Incomplete cervical dilatation delivered by Cesarean Section.


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