Protein Modelling Research Papers

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Microbial cell factories play a key role in this context.

This review is intended to give a primer addressed to scientists of disciplines related to microbial cell factories who has no expertise in comparative modeling.

Such templates may be found by sequence comparison methods or by sequence-structure methods also known as threading methods.

Sequence comparison methods can be safely used above a certain threshold in terms of sequence identity (i.e.

On the last two decades the development of recombinant DNA techniques has extended the use of microbial organisms to produce target proteins.

The enteric bacterium Escherichia coli is one of the most extensively used prokaryotic organisms for genetic manipulations and for industrial production of proteins of therapeutic or commercial interest [1, 2].

We will emphasize the simplest and most reliable methodologies to follow up along with their range of application with a reduced number of useful programs and web servers.

Many other authors have also written excellent reviews on the comparative modeling field [6, 10–14].

Even though, below that threshold structural likeness is still possible.

Some protein pairs sharing very little sequence similarity may have become similar by convergent or divergent evolution.


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