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A research problem statement lays the foundation for work that needs to be done to correct a situation, in the case of international aid organizations, or presents a statement of research intent for a master’s or doctoral thesis.As well as background information, a research problem statement outlines the current situation, identifies the challenges, specifies the location and indicates the people involved.The paper focusses on two key problem areas: the definition of the research problem, and the planning and writing of the first draft of the thesis.

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Requirements set forth by your professor will always supersede instructions provided in these general guidelines.

Because it frames the entire study, preparing a research problem statement is often the hardest part of writing a research proposal or thesis.

In addition to her academic books, she has written for "International Living," the "Sydney Courier" and the "Australian Woman's Forum." Hanson holds a Ph.

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For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .They can be done in combination with the Problem Statement Power Point Slide Presentation, but they can also be conducted separately.The handouts assume that all the audience participants are working on their projects, and that they might not be entirely familiar with the kinds of research that their peers are conducting.She may be able to help you further hone the statement.Jody Hanson began writing professionally in 1992 to help finance her second around-the-world trip. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions of fair use.The following activities are designed to be sequential.Review it with a fresh eye and tighten the wording.Review your research problem statement with your thesis adviser.Instructions for the participants are included in the handouts themselves, but presenters should briefly review the instructions in order to help participants organize their time.This exercise is designed to help workshop participants discuss how the work they’ve already done fits in with the work of other scholars.


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