Problem Solving For Year 4

This is why it’s so crucial for us to clearly understand the problem before moving forward.If you’re not prepared how can you get the right solution?Lets take a look at how this pans out in our story Marty knows what the problems are and he’s diagnosed them.

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In this particular project the problem appears to be predefined.

The client in this case Lou has asked Marty for a website.

When Marty opened the door his nostrils filled with the most amazing desert aroma.

He was greeted by Lou who had an iconic mustache, slicked hair and spoke as if he known him forever.

Being a great designer means you’re able to solve great problems.

In more cases than one a client will present you with a problem and your job is to solve that problem using your tools.The process I’m going to share with you is one I have put together over the years of designing and creating. Lets take a look at a typical problem a designer might face and how it might be solved.I have broken the process down into the four “P’s” of problem solving. We simply want to understand how a designer would go about solving a design problem. In the preparation phase we simply want to do two things. A well defined problem is understanding the nature of the problem and what information is needed to solve it.In the design world this documenting of the educated guess might be know as a proposal.A proposal is what, in our case Marty is to present to the Lou the Client, on how he plans to fix the problems.In the planning phase you simply want to list what you think you need to do to carry out a great solution to the problem or in this case problems.The planning process is nothing more than an educated guess or if you want to get all scientific; the hypothesis.He said he needed some time to construct a plan and he will get back to him within a weeks time. Identifiable problems The second step of the problem solving process for a designer is planning.After that meeting Marty had a clear understanding of what the problems were. We know what the problem is and what the diagnoses is, we now just need to plan for a solution.When I say the word Psychology I’m simply referring to an explanation of why we do what we do.In Psychology we have a term called Cognition or more specifically Cognitive Thinking.


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