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A common scenario in these classes goes something like this: "Hush! I've been teaching for twenty nine years, be quiet! One thing that can be done to improve schools is to more carefully examine potential teachers.This will serve the dual purpose of making sure the teachers are fit to teach, and it will also improve the performance of students in the school system.

In my own experience in school, I've had this problem. As you might imagine, one doesn't learn much but the eighty seven ways a person can say the word "hush!

Some teachers I've had don't do anything remotely related to teaching. ", and that isn't a particularly useful skill in life.

My opinion of the biggest problem in schools is the fact that some teachers, though perhaps qualified, are not always the best at their job.

To be able to teach is very easy; anyone can teach.

One of the most obvious difficulties for an international student is culture shock.

Culture shock is the result of moving from an environment that is familiar to one that is not.

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Sadly, many schools today don't seem to recognize that to be taught and to learn are not always synonomous.

I feel as though schools today place a lot more emphasis on rote memorization than should be, and that they don't encourage actually knowing a fact.


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