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Our Gold Standard MCAT practice tests follow the AAMC format.We based the diversity of our MCAT practice questions on: 1) the AAMC's published average percentages 2) hundreds of student experiences with the real exam (publicly available online).For our Gold Standard MCAT study schedule, click here: MCAT Study Schedule.

Either way, doing well is imperative for most applicants.

To register for the MCAT, you should consult your undergraduate/premed adviser, register online and/or contact: Unfortunately, we do not provide medical school application information. offers a program that is unprecedented in its completeness.

3) 3000 The Home Study Package has 10 full-length MCAT practice tests while the Complete MCAT Platinum Package has 20.

The Home Study Package provides you with an option to include or not all the AAMC materials.

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a prerequisite for admission to nearly all the medical schools in North America.

Each year, over 80,000 applicants to American and Canadian medical schools submit MCAT test results.In 2003, the new MCAT changed a bit in structure but essentially continued to have the same content as all of the MCAT exams since 1991.All paper exams including actual past exams (which you receive in our Platinum Program) require the same knowledge, though the structure is slightly different as compared to the current exam. In 2015, we have updated our content for the new MCAT. We believe that we are the best at teaching and preparing for the MCAT exam.You must directly contact the medical school that interests you or go to the AAMC website. As long as you have completed a first year college education including basic sciences and at least one course requiring English reading/writing, we can offer you a complete program.The expression "The Only Prep You Need" specifically refers to students who dedicate themselves to MCAT exam preparation by registering and fully participating in our Platinum Plus Package.These programs consists of several MCAT books, e Books, up to 20 full-length MCAT practice tests, MCAT CARS tests, MP3s, apps and online videos.The content and structure of the MCAT changed in 1991.teaches the information you need to know to excel at the MCAT.For more information, visit MCAT Preparation Advice.AAMC online material: The login details and instructions will be sent to your email address by the next business day. The online AAMC practice materials allow unlimited user attempts for 15 months from the date of purchase.Examkracker and Next Step Prep exams: To get your login details, email [email protected]


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