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Your personal statement should show us that you are the right person for the course.Alternatively, you can see our advice for writing a UCAS personal statement.I'm sure there are 100's of personal statements completely different to mine who all got offers so you don't have to use this religiously!

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Once you’ve found the perfect Masters programme, the next step is to begin the application process.

You’ll usually have to write a postgraduate personal statement that highlights your strengths, skills and experience, giving you the perfect opportunity to sell yourself and to show the admissions tutor that you’ll thrive at their university.

Don’t make the mistake of using your undergraduate personal statement as a template for your Masters application.

A Masters is a big step up from your undergraduate degree, and the admissions tutor will be looking for evidence that you’ve developed academically since then.

Perhaps there’s a member of staff who you’re especially excited about working with, or a unique element of the curriculum that jumps out at you.

Demonstrate how and why you are invested in your subject.Pay attention to what makes this particular Masters unique and refer to this in your statement.How you write your personal statement is just as important as the content; a clear, structured statement is proof of your ability to communicate effectively.Normally, a Masters personal statement won’t be wildly different to what you wrote back then.You should say why you’re applying for this particular course and institution, talking about what makes it such an appealing place to study.I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at the company, learning a great deal about the importance of clear, compelling language.I’ve honed the communication skills I developed at university and feel well-equipped to continue my studies at North Haverbrook University.You don’t necessarily have to a completely new personal statement for each Masters programme you apply to (there will usually be a degree of overlap between them), but it’s worth putting the extra effort in to make sure your application doesn’t seem like a generic copy-and-paste job to the admissions tutor reading it.You can do this by mentioning the university and department by name, and by providing specific examples of their syllabus that you find intriguing. I got postgraduate offers from both UCL and Imperial and this was the general structure of it: First paragraph: Spoke about why I'm applying, plans for the future, what I like about the uni/course etc...Second paragraph: Spoke about my design project, modules I'm strong at and major skills I have that can be transferable to the course....


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