Politics Critical Essays In Human Geography

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Kay Anderson is a fractional Professorial Research Fellow at the Institute for Culture and Society.

Kay Anderson is a fractional Professorial Research Fellow at the Institute for Culture and Society.She is a leading, internationally recognised scholar in the fields of Cultural Geography and race historiography. Professor Anderson was Chair of Cultural Geography at Durham University (UK) until 2003, and in 2004 was elected Academician, Academy of Learned Societies for the Social Sciences for the UK.Urban governance is also important as it directs the way the city is administered and directs the service delivery within the city.

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', in E Lally, I Ang & K Anderson (eds), , University of Western Australia Press, Crawley, pp. Bushell, R & Anderson, K 2010, 'A clash of cultures or definitions?At the heart of this renaissance is a concern about the underlying character of modern political life and of the way in which space is important to how politics is constituted and practiced.As a consequence political geography, that branch of geography whose legitimacy rests on its claim to be the most directly concerned with ‘the political’, has undergone a much welcomed sea change.This can be attributed to the natural increase in population of these areas through birth or migration of people from rural areas to urban areas. They have potential for industrialization and people migrate from rural areas to urban areas to offer labor to the growing industries.There is also rapid development of rural areas in these areas that transforms them into urban centers.Urban planning should involve proper laying out of water distribution patterns and networks in the cities, planning sanitation systems and methods of waste management, transport network as well as health systems.Each city should also develop urban development strategies that adequately address the circumstances surrounding its regions.Compared, however, with the subject’s more inward-looking recent past, in which there was little concern with or advance in political theory, today political geography recognises that pivotal to comprehending our modern world is a theoretically informed subject that acknowledges the centrality of power and of power relations to understanding our political world (Driver, 1991; Smith, 1985).Urbanization refers to the development of urban areas.It involves population growth as well as physical development in such areas.Many global south countries like India, Brazil and Nigeria have high rates of urbanization than northern countries like England, Canada and Japan.


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