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The analysis shows that, even though it was not perfectly enforced, the law that raised the legal age of marriage had a large effect on the infant mortality of the first born child.Furthermore, the estimates suggest that the effect of a one-year delay in women's age at cohabitation on the infant mortality of the ffrst born is comparable to the joint effect on child mortality of measles, BCG, DPT, Polio and Maternal Tetanus vaccinations.Students will work on framing a sharp research question or questions, developing a tractable research framework to answer those questions, and identifying a practical time-line for thesis preparation.

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Livestock Water Productivity (LWP) Improvement in the Mixed Crop-Livestock System of Ethiopian Highlands, Amhara Region: A Gendered Sustainable Livelihood Approach to Target LWP Interventions for Rural Poverty Reduction.

List of suggested topics Elettra Agliardi § Financial Derivatives and climate change § Evolutions of institutions and ambiguity in the context of climate change § Climate finance § Green bonds​ § Facilitating transition: real option valuation for green growth, energy and technology transition.

The third chapter uses the 8.8 Richter magnitude earthquake that struck Chile in February 2010 as a case study and employs a difference in difference strategy to investigate whether natural disasters have lasting effects on property crime.

The results show that the earthquake reduced the prevalence of property crime the year of the earthquake and that this effect remained stable over the 4 post-earthquake years studied.

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The purpose of this course is to permit International and Development Economics students with special interests in a branch of development economics to have an in-depth study of the topic with a staff member or distinguished visitor who is currently doing research in the area.

It is envisaged that this course will comprise seminars/workshops/small group discussions, and could be made available either in first or second semester or over the Dec/Jan/Feb break.


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