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The editor asked a number of acquaintances to submit an essay about a dog in their lives, and this is the compilation.

Though most, if not all, of the contributors are professional writers, the tone is a bit casual, more like magazine articles.

Your college admissions essay is probably unlike anything you’ve ever written.

What other class or context has demanded you compose a self-actualizing, authentic piece of prose that also subtly “markets” your life experience? The hyper-descriptive intro that starts with the onomatopoeia (“KA-BOOM! There is a correct, subtle way to articulate your strengths and strengthen your candidacy. Given the rest of your application, what should your reader know about you—and what does your essay tell them?

From the family dog who takes on the anxiety of a family as the writer's sister battles breast cancer, to the compelling tale of a woman searching for her furry friend in the aftermath of September 11th, to the blind and deaf dog who teaches everyone about keeping on truckin' no matter what predicaments she gets into, the essays in this anthology get at the heart of love — and yes, sometimes love-hate-relationships women have with the dogs in their lives.

As a dog lover (I don't have one of my own YET), I really enjoyed this book.I am always keen on reading about dogs (or cats or most any other animals, as well as the human-animal bond), so I read this book.Though entertaining, it is not a volume that I would place among the timeless works on my bookshelves.So, what are the 5 biggest mistakes that we see applicants routinely make? ”) rather than the more difficult, reflective alternative (“winning the swim meet was amazing but surprisingly difficult—my swim career was over”). Focusing on a seemingly insignificant moment in a coffee shop will likely yield more interesting, thoughtful content. As a testament to the superior quality of their work, they provide each prospective client with a free assessment of their first submission.Authenticity makes you , it makes you a stronger community member, and it makes you likeable. While those dogs are sweet, what about the rescue dogs in shelters who are looking for their forever home ?I think making adoption your first option is the way to go.3.5/5 I really did enjoy this book but I love some stories more than others.I think making adoption your first option is the way to go. Other than that I was touched but how dogs are a major impact of happiness on our lives.Where would we be without our furry, four legged, tail wagging, drooling friends ? Some I liked pretty much, like Running With Trout by Sarah Corbett, on Dog as running partner, motivator and role model. Lennon is a story of how she adopted a dog, left a corporate, high-stress job and learned that just as the dog didn't need collars and chains to be a loyal and happy companion, neither did she.They may be known as man's best friend, but as the writers in this poignant, funny, and dramatic collection know, there's no gender divide when it comes to canines.Whether walking down the street, gathering at the dog park, hitting the open road, or spending one too many nights together on the couch in front of the TV, a woman and her dog are an enduring pair.


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