Perl Assignment

Perl Assignment-1
Going further, this programming language is extensible.

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Created by Larry Wall, Perl made its debut to sources of Usenet in the year 1987.

It is an open source software with a license from Artistic License or the GNU General Public License.

These languages include C, sed, BASIC, sh, awk, and many others.

It has a database integration interface DBI that supports third-party databases, like Oracle, My SQL, Postgres, Sybase, among others.

In addition, it’s also known as the duct-tape of the internet.

One of its most attractive function is that it can handle web data that are encrypted. You can embed perl into web servers if you want to quicken the processing by as much as 2000 percent.

These shells and Tcl are strictly interpreted with no intermediate transformation.

Furthermore, it’s not like many other versions of C or C .

In addition, mod_perl from perl enables the Apache web server to embed one perl interpreter.

Also, perl’s DBI package makes it easy for web-integration to happen.


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