Parking Business Plan

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At the request of the President, Parking & Commuter Services, in collaboration with the Parking & Transportation Committee, developed this business plan and accompanying five year financial plan to clearly define its roadmap for organizational success.

The purpose of this Plan is to provide a clear vision of the organization including its current financial situation, services and programs along with an evaluation of its service sector, market and customer base so as to assess the ability of Parking & Commuter Services to meet the demands of the campus both organizationally and financially.

After you have obtained the property, make sure the parking lines are painted and numbered.

Rent out the spaces and place signs that states you are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property.

Visit or call your state's department of revenue and register for a state tax identification number.

Call the IRS at (800) 829-1040 and apply for your federal tax identification number. Step 6 Operating a Parking Lot Business Operating a parking lot business is not hard to do if you can follow these instructions.Tell the parking lot garage owner that you want to do volunteer work at his company for 90 days so that you can write the experience on your resume.Learn exactly what the business entails and how it operates each business day.Basically, the business owner will charge customers for parking their cars in a garage or a parking lot.You will charge the customers based on the market supply and demand.Work extra jobs and sell stuff around your home to raise and obtain cash.Step 2 Work at a Parking Garage Business Perform volunteer work to help you start and operate a parking lot business.The fastest way to make money is to establish a detailed business plan.Obtain one parking lot with 20 spaces and charge .00 a day to each customer. Operate three parking lots and you can make ,000 a month.As a result and over the next five years, the core focus of Parking & Commuter Services can be summarized into six key areas:• Aggressively pursue improvements to existing facilities while maximizing the amount of parking available within the campus boundary and creatively consider how demand may be satisfied through off-site facilities.• Establish clear regulations, policies, standards and key performance indicators to ensure consistent and successful administration of existing programs and to foster growth of additional programs and services designed to better meet the needs of the campus now and in the future.The six key areas noted above are more specifically addressed within this Plan and also supported through the clear assignment of financial resources to help achieve such.


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