Paralegal Cover Letter With No Experience

Your reader may be searching for someone with a unique specialty.

If you are writing to a managing partner, for example, you might open your letter with, “As a managing partner, you know the importance of keeping up to date with current techniques to streamline operations.

It tells us nothing about you or why you should be the candidate chosen for the job.

As you read the following stronger version of the same letter, you’ll see the differences and how much more effective it is. Hunt: Your advertisement in The Daily Journal caught my eye immediately as it describes a position that matches my qualifications.

I will call you next week in order to schedule an interview. Sincerely, We can tell you as employers of paralegals that we receive literally hundreds of letters very close to the one on previous page.

In addition to being weak and unappealing, this kind of letter is just plain boring!

Mimi Belous The Estrin Organization 1901 Avenue of the Stars Suite 350 Los Angeles, CA 90067 Re: Full-Time or Temporary Paralegal Positions Dear Ms.

Belous: The enclosed resume outlines my achievements as an experienced corporate paralegal.

Here are just a few closers: SAMPLE COVER LETTERS Cover Letter #1 General Date Mr. Rogers, Johnson & Somers 2345 Natalie Court, Suite 204 San Jose, CA 90803 Re: Litigation Paralegal Position Dear Mr.

Rogers: As a litigation paralegal for one of the top U. law firms, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most qualified and respected attorneys in the country I would like to bring this experience to a growing firm such as yours.


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