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As the copyright owner, you get to make those decisions.But if you give away your copyright—as some publication agreements require—you can lose all of those opportunities and privileges.Criteria for student class projects are applied on a course by course basis and include (but are not limited to): **Student Works.

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As the copyright owner, you have the legal right to enforce claims against infringers.

At the same time, you also have the privilege of allowing uses.

The University encourages student innovation and entrepreneurship and, as such, has typically granted exceptions to the General Rules regarding ownership of student inventions when certain criteria are met.

However, these exceptions are only granted as long as the invention does not incorporate, depend upon or is not derived directly from University-owned background intellectual property.

You can grant permission on request, or you can attach a Creative Commons license to your work that permits broad public use."Read more discussion of these ideas in Kenneth Crews's "Copyright and Your Dissertation or Thesis: Ownership, Fair Use, and Your Rights and Responsibilities".

If you have any questions about your rights and the decisions that you face about your ETDs, please contact us.

This exception is applied on a course-by-course basis and will be memorialized in supporting documentation prepared by the course instructor in conjunction with OTM in advance of the course commencing.

In addition, such project oriented courses often engage sponsors to provide funding and/or specific projects.

For both of the above exceptions it should be noted that when a faculty or any other University employee plays a significant role in generation of that intellectual property that would qualify them as an inventor for such invention under US patent law, the invention would be jointly owned by the student and the University.

The above exceptions do not apply if University-owned background intellectual property is required in order to work on a class project.


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