Our Educational Problems Essay

Another major problem of our educational system is the use of old and obsolete curriculum.Most of the books are published by some foreign publisher.

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Moreover, we will be able to get rid of foreign experts, who harm more than help.

We can prepare our skilled professionals to fulfill our needs.

Rapid changes are being surfaced every day in every field, but I am sorry to say that our curriculum producing only degree holders, some of whom are even fake!

The learned men and scholars in the country must devote themselves to writing new books according to our social and cultural requirements.

The present confusion and corruption in the society can only be cured if people are familiarized with the teaching of Islam at a very young age.

Secondly, we should be aware of that fact that Pakistan is a developing country.We need doctors, engineers, agriculturist, specialist, expertise and more skilled workers in every field of life.The government should provide all facilities to in order to make people work harder and selflessly for the betterment of our country.Last but not the least, our assessment methodologies need lots of improvements and drastic change. The system should discourage cram work and all possible steps should be taken to ensure originality of thoughts and an aptitude for research work.Here I have mentioned only a few problems of our educational system. It’s time now that all of us should analyse ourselves and should realize our duties and responsibilities towards Pakistan.We should have more technical education and colleges.Education in humanities should be there, but it should not be restricted only to only few.With due respect, I would like to say that our education is too materialistic in its outlook.We should have based our education on Islamic ideology since the very beginning. H) said that acquisition of education is necessary for both men and women. With the passage of time the importance of education has grown to a great extent specially in the last couple of years.People realize that today the money which we invest on education will bear fruit to the nation.


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