Olefin Metathesis Cycle

Studies on OM have further enhanced the understanding of this process, promoting the development of interesting and useful metathesis catalysts.The generally accepted mechanism was originally proposed by Chauvin and Hérisson (Scheme 1) [15].

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Further design enhancements to asymmetric olefin metathesis catalysts have streamlined the construction of complex molecules.

The understanding gained in these areas has extended to the employment of ruthenium catalysts to stereoretentive olefin metathesis, the first example of a kinetically Organic molecules, by definition, are composed of carbon–carbon bonds; thus, their construction is central to strategies aimed at the formation of useful, complex products.

Many laboratories have developed improved versions of the catalyst ever since, some of which are shown below.

The molybdenum based , which are based on ruthenium-benzylidene, are more user-friendly as they have great functional group tolerance and are easy to handle.

Traditional methods of control in OM have relied on the intrinsic reactivity of an olefin, as well as thermodynamic selectivities, but recent developments in OM catalysts have allowed for tailoring of the catalytic scaffold to impart some stereochemical control on the olefinic products.

Early stereoselective OM research focused on the desymmetrization of achiral olefins to provide chiral molecules through the alteration of the ligand scaffold [11,16,17].Interested visitors are recommended to check out the references for more detailed information.RCM became a standard method to synthesize macrocyclic compounds, providing an alternative strategy to other macrolactonization methods.-The Grubbs catalyst is stable enough to be weighed in open air but once it is in a solution it is sensitive to the dissolved oxygen.The use of degassed solvent is recommended to ensure high yield.As understanding for the stereochemical arrangement of the metallacycle intermediate progressed, further variations were made in continual pursuit of one of the unmet challenges in OM: kinetic -selectivity [18,19,20].An incredible amount of effort has been devoted to these quests, which have opened the door to numerous discoveries.There are no other catalysts developed after the 90’s that are used as widely as the metathesis catalysts.Vast numbers of application are known in virtually all research areas. Wiley Online Library requires cookies for authentication and use of other site features; therefore, cookies must be enabled to browse the site.Detailed information on how Wiley uses cookies can be found in our Privacy Policy.


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