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All of you now applying: Don’t forget about the ‘Snark, ya hear?We’d love to post updates like this from your experiences, too, when the time comes next Fall.

All of you now applying: Don’t forget about the ‘Snark, ya hear?We’d love to post updates like this from your experiences, too, when the time comes next Fall.An essay that asks for (1) your background or introduction, (2) why MBA, (3) your career goals and (4) why you like their program is asking for four sections that require close linkage between them.

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Don't make the mistake of over-emphasizing your company, department, division or team.

It is important that you be able to write about yourself.

If you haven't done so already, remove the word "various" from your vocabulary for the entirety of the application season, because this word is not useful in your resume, essays or interview.

Instead of writing about the various things you aim to do in the future, show you have thought through the topic by detailing those future challenges in detail.

Always gratifying to see a candidate like that make it in to their top choice institution!!

And always fun to get reports like this from the field when they start in on the adventure.Clear goals makes it easier to figure out clear reasons for an MBA, which will help you when you need to give clear examples of why a school's MBA is a good place for you to study.In terms of the story essays (leadership, teamwork etc) one of the easiest ways to judge whether it is effective or not is to simply asking someone if the story is interesting.Fingers are crossed for all of your successes to come! Goals essays need careful consideration before you begin typing because of the linkage that needs to be present between sections.If your accomplishments tend to be team-based, think hard about the specific contributions you have made to those teams.It is in writing about these details that you own strengths, skills and even personality can be revealed.Just in case you were starting to wonder why you put in all this effort only to have to sit on your hands for what seems an interminable amount of time while the schools figure out if they even want to meet you to interview… This person sent in a happy update once they started their first semester at their Dream School last Fall.We are sharing it with permission so that it hopefully can infect you with excitement for what you are working towards. And all the things I heard about the first semester are actually true – recruiting hits you earlier than you thought it would, there are some tough courses, and it’s easy to sometimes get blown away by the diversity you see in your class.This last point, more than anything else, has been what I’ve enjoyed most at NYU Stern in the two months I’ve been here. My classmates are highly accomplished in multiple ways, but they are mostly nice and helpful human beings as well.As you had suggested, this was the right choice for me – I love the people, the exposure to media that I have here, and yes, New York!


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