Nursing Case Study Rubric

Nursing Case Study Rubric-36
While every case study that is focused on patient-centered care includes patient preferences, values, and beliefs; individual case studies can be tailored to focus on psychosocial, financial, emotional and/or developmental aspects that might also influence the patient’s health.Including aspects of health aids students in understanding the context of the story.

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The author has used unfolding case studies to illustrate principles of patient-centered care and safety in a Health and Illness course in a concept-based curriculum.

First semester students develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes about patient-centered care as they identify salient features in the case study that are opportunities to intervene with patient-centered care.

To begin this learning process, students receive the first narrative of the unfolding case study and are asked to underline words that stand out as important.

Novice student nurses, limited by lack of experience, tend to focus more on the physical aspects of the patient and less on patient preferences and values.

Safety Unfolding Case Study Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is for students to describe patient-centered care, to identify safety interventions, to explain clinical forethought and to value seeing health care through the patient’s eyes.

Instructions: This strategy can be used with individual students or with groups of students.

Clinical judgment is required to interpret the complex clinical situations found in current nursing practice (Tanner, 2006).

Lack of clinical judgment poses a risk to patients and can lead to negative patient outcomes.

Answers to all the questions are discussed at the end and there’s an opportunity to reflect on clinical forethought.

Student knowledge, attitudes, and skills are assessed using the rubric at the end of the assignment and during class discussion.


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