Newspaper Reporting Terms

They describe the situation and interview a guest before handing back to the presenter in the studio.Edit suite Video and audio A room full of computers where the sound and video and visual material is assembled or edited.

Effects, shortened to Fx Video and audio The abbreviation for sound effects.

In TV the sound effects are often added to the film in a dubbing suite.

Often they are called Astons, taken from the name of a company which supplied them for a long time.

They are also known as cap gens (cg) as they are often created by a caption generator. News Agency Video, audio and text-based An organisation set up to provide news material to many journalists.

The producer has to make sure their programme doesn't overrun.

Rushes Video Video filmed by a camera crew that requires editing.

Graphics, shortened to Gfx Video and text-based These are the words, diagrams, maps etc that appear on screen.

Log Video and audio A list of the recorded pictures and words usually compiled as the material is filed.

The sequence is sometimes called an OOV, which is short for Out Of Vision or underlay, which is shortened to ulay.

Gallery Video A room next to the studio where the technical team work to put the programme on air.


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