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This allows the story to ‘jump’ between different perspectives whilst maintaining the first-person style, although it must be clearly identified to avoid confusing the reader.First-person immediately puts the reader inside the narrator’s head, which allows for an intimate portrayal of thoughts and emotions.

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It felt cold in my hand and was heavier than I expected.Describing your narrator is nigh-on impossible within a first-person story, unless you want to include a scene where they look at themselves in a mirror and describe, to themselves, how they look.My advice is don’t do that; it’s a terrible cliché and is completely unnecessary.First-person narrators tend to not understand the big picture of the story, and as a writer you need to be careful that you don’t give them too much knowledge or awareness, whilst hinting at enough that the reader can surmise the overall plot at that point in time.This is a difficult trick to pull off, and many writers struggle with it.You can also put across the motivations of your main character, which to an outsider may not seem relatable, yet as you are inside their brain the logic behind their actions makes more sense.By writing in first-person you can deliver the entire story in your narrator’s voice, giving the text a clear identity and submerging the reader further into the world you are creating.They can lie to the reader, misdirect, say whatever they want, in a way that third-person is unable to, and be completely excused as it is part of their character.Your narrator does not even have to be your protagonist, and although they are the protagonist in their story, that is only one facet of the overarching tale that is happening around them.When writing a story it is incredibly important to use the most suitable point of view.Some tales live or die on the use of perspective, and choosing the wrong one can be the downfall of a piece.


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