Narrative Essay About Love At First Sight

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His name was Alec and he was a very handsome and interesting young man.

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Unfortunately, I was correct in my assumption that I would embarrass myself, however I would continue to see him every week.

I looked forward to just seeing his face or hearing his voice even if our conversations were all too short.

After about a month, we began dating, and I still couldn’t possibly believe this perfect guy could be mine, I didn’t deserve someone this good.

However, I couldn’t help getting over a feeling that I had ever since the first time I saw him waiting in line watching the motocrossers.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International License. Within these programs, I had noticed that there were many cases in which two people, whether it’d be boy to boy, girl to boy, or girl to girl, caught eyes for the very first moment in time and they went through a series of twist and turns until the end where they finally end up happily together with a strong and powerful bond.Just about a year ago, I met the love of my teenage life.Meanwhile, if you are asked to write about something you are not acquainted with, then you first do a thorough research on the topic from the internet, and other sources, and then when you think that you have enough information, then you can write an essay on the topic.All the research papers on this website are written by the Author himself and has copyrights for the same.His mind turned out to be even more beautiful than his looks.We continued to talk for a few weeks and grew very close, seeing each other outside of the usual Tuesday night races.I was falling in love with him; however it had felt like it had always been there.It seemed too foolish at first glance to say I loved him, but now in my mind I was beginning to accept this word to describe the feelings that I had had for him all along.A moment in time where two people feel a powerful connection towards one another is classified as “Love at First Sight.” To most, love at first sight is true and can happen to anybody, however, to others, it is just a myth and can be simplified as a problem that can be solved through science or a belief they have.I myself did believe in this theory, but with time I began to understand that it could have easily just have been a sham.


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