My Personal Qualities Essay

My Personal Qualities Essay-34
Being able to discuss previous experiences in a meaningful way will help you here.

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What you do want to do is understand that you cannot change who you are and that you have some valuable qualities that will make you a good teacher.

You will be able to take some satisfaction in teaching who you are.

The students laugh, but they are also learning that even teachers are not perfect, and that it's always good to be able to laugh at yourself at least a little.

I am also a very curious person, and this, too, I think, has made me a good teacher.

I am curious about my students, who they are, what they believe, what knowledge they have that I don't have.

My curiosity is also what makes me knowledgeable in my content areas and sometimes even beyond my content areas.

If you are shy, don't think you can't be a good teacher. Students sense when a teacher is shy, and it can make them more open to you.

You aren't going to come on too strongly, so they won't back away.

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Everyone has different personal qualities, so your response will be about the unique you.


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