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They want students writing well, but they really don’t care what is behind the writing.

They want the important words put into place and the punctuation done right and making it as standardized as possible.

The Age of Computers Believe it or not, but the age of computers is upon us.

I believe Computers are not only here to stay, but in my opinion computers are the wave of the future.

CCSS enthusiasts swear that pushing students to read nonfiction and analyze and write about what they read will teach the necessary writing skills to students.

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A student writing about themselves, and a teacher reacting to this kind of writing, well it is just fluff to them.Students write their thoughts and ideas in a journal, usually at the beginning of class, and teachers can directly respond.Journal writing is more pointed and values the thoughts and ideas of the student.College Board President and Common Core English Lang.Arts developer David Coleman’s disregard for this kind of writing (“no one gives an ‘expletive’ about narrative writing”), most of us saw as reprehensible, because it is indicative of the coldness behind Common Core and today’s standardized testing movement.Writing is nice and orderly to them but there is no heart behind it.With this kind of writing instruction, teachers are turned into nothing more than robots, spitting out information that should be aligned to the Core, to students who are turned robotic-like themselves.I say doing just their kind of writing, however, misses something vitally important.Journal writing, caring deeply about the narrative written expression of students, goes to the heart of great critical writing and thinking!Two men, Herman Hollerith and James Powers, developed a new punched-card system that could automatically read information on cards without human intervention (Gulliver 82).In the 1930's punched-card machine techniques had become so well established that Howard Hathaway Aiken, together with engineers at IBM, came up with the automatic computer called Mark I. The Mark I was slow, and required 3 to 5 seconds to perform multiplication.


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