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However, you should also know that more than 95 percent of the press kits sent out by artists, publicists and record labels end up in the trash can. It's not easy to get pumped up when you consider that rate of failure.But there's a good reason all those press kits are being ignored: Most of the promo packages clogging up the postal system are lackluster attempts at marketing.

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Other times it's referred to as a promo package or media kit.

Whatever you call it, this collection of music marketing tools will help you get more gigs, media exposure, radio airplay, industry attention and more.

Even if you already own the Guerrilla book, you'll want to have this!

And you can download the material and get immediate access when you Order Now! Every piece of advice in your Killer Press Kits report is so important, especially for artists who are starting a publicity campaign.

The thing that set them apart was that the person who put them together knew a few things that the vast majority of musicians were clueless about.

To make sure a lot more of your press kits are actually read and acted upon, I just created a special package called ...

This new collection of resources reveals what I consider to be the most important aspects of a successful promo package.

Note: This package is based on the Killer Press Kits report that is included in my Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook -- BUT IT IS SO MUCH MORE with sample press releases, a 29-Point Checklist, extra bonus material, and spoken word audio tracks that guide you through the "killer press kit" creation process.

A detailed critique that walks you through the PROS & CONS of each of the example press kit items.

Learn the exact thought processes that went into creating them -- along with what worked, what didn't, and how they can be improved.


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