Motorcycle Shop Business Plan

You’ll meet all kinds of characters and you’ll find that the camaraderie and brotherhood among riders on the road can fade away quickly when money is involved.Learn how the motorcycle industry works, value and build relationships with your customers, and watch your business slowly begin to thrive. For further reading: How the Motorcycle Industry Works.

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Tip #5: Promote the hell out of it Be your own best asset. You might be thinking, “This is male-dominated business. ” Believe it or not, Real Men Use Coupons, and PR Newswire and Marketing Charts have some data to prove it: Tip #7: Be an expert in your niche When Mark asks you about tires, say more than just “These ones are round, and black.”Read those distributor catalogues inside and out. If there’s a niche that your business focuses on, familiarize yourself with it.

Odds are you have a friend or two and some relatives. You have strangers waiting on their motorcycles next to you at the red light, or on their motorcycles at the weekly bike meet in town. Get some motorcycle-related promo products to give out. Know what’s happening in it locally as well on the online scene.

Be sure to keep an eye on local riders and businesses on Instagram.

Tip #8: Build goodwill by helping others Speaking of forums, meet John and Jane.

Tip #10: Build the right team for the job Even the strongest business plan can fail.

When the wrong people become involved, no business is safe. Hire people who others will like as much as like you, or even more than they like you.

Take advantage of these opportunities to promote the hell out of your business. Keep an eye on California, moto trends and fashions all seem to start out of there and spread.

You can soak up a lot about a niche in very little time by browsing through online forums from ADVRider to ZXForums.

Learning the business can be expensive and time consuming, and business savvy comes from experience.

Be sure to reap the benefits of learning from someone else who’s paid their dues by getting some industry experience working for others before branching out and going solo.


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