Models Measurement And Strategies In Developing Critical-Thinking Skills

Models Measurement And Strategies In Developing Critical-Thinking Skills-22
Therefore, students are obtaining knowledge but are not developing the questioning/reasoning aspect linked to critical thinking.It is acknowledged that some subjects naturally have more of a tendency towards developing critical thinking such as Ethics and Philosophy, and perhaps entry requirements for student programmes should consider requesting specific subjects that nurture critical thinking.

Therefore, it is important for higher education providers to ensure they support and develop students’ knowledge and skills in order for them to thrive, such as critical thinking skills.Higher Education continues to evolve and develop to meet the needs of its consumer, the student.Students cannot be treated all the same and neither assume that what has been delivered before will enable students to achieve academic success (Morgan, 2012).Healthcare professionals are often working in challenging environments that require a critical way of thinking (Aveyard et al; 2015, p.102).Occupational therapy professional reasoning includes the ability to critically think, deciding on what is the best intervention for a client and being able to justify decisions.It therefore could be judged that the quality of an academic programme will equate to positive academic success.There is an expectation that university programmes will deliver teaching excellence, ensuring that programmes are well designed, supportive to students, enabling the development of skills that will lead to employment, such as working in teams, and notably critical thinking (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, 2016, p.43).Often these students expect to be taught (Cotterell, 2017, p.12) and this can be a barrier to develop skills such as critical thinking.This, in turn makes it difficult to achieve academic success within higher education.This in turn can affect their mental health (Moon, 2009, p.163-4).Critical thinking is an important skill for students studying occupational therapy.


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