Mimo Ofdm Thesis Report

Mimo Ofdm Thesis Report-73
For simulation Rayleigh channel model has been considered with BPSK (binary phase shift keying) modulation at transmitting end. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF 3GPP LONG TERM EVOLUTION (2010)By: Kamal Lamichhane Abstract: Uplink and downlink modulation techniques in long term evolution (LTE) are SCFDMA and OFDMA.SCFDMA has different subcarrier mapping techniques and hence SCFDMA can be analyzed under these different subcarrier mapping techniques.From user's perspective, high bandwidth, large throughputs, service access delay and better quality of service related parameters like paging, successful call connection rate handoff rate, call drop rate etc. This technology is near to 4G and having maximum data rates up to 100 Mbps in downlink and 50Mbps in uplink.

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Peak to average power ratio (PAPR) is highly reduced in SCFDMA in comparison with OFDMA.

SCFDMA is a single carrier modulation technique and OFDMA is a multi-carrier modulation technique.

MIMO system capacity is investigated using the Spatial Channel Model (SCM), proposed by standardization bodies (3GPP-3GPP2) for third generation systems and compared this to one of the physical geometrical model i.e., One Ring channel model and to a theoretical model i.e.

independent and identically distributed (i.i.d.) model. Non line of sight (N-LOS) MIMO systems in SCM is evaluated with multipath propagation scenarios and compared with i.i.d and One-Ring channel model.

The reduction of the computational complexity of the ZF VBLAST receiver by reducing the number of iteration is considered.

The performance of various MIMO detectors is compared in terms of block error rate (BER).However, they are very sensitive to nonlinear effects due to the high peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) owned by their transmitted signals.Efficient technique for reducing the PAPR of OFDM signals is purposed.The technological aspects of Wi MAX standards are studied and the performance of Wi MAX physical layer is analyzed in different perspectives in physical layer on the basis of bit error rate, signal to noise ratio etc.The performance is analyzed in different aspects such as with the variation of different modulation techniques, cyclic prefix, coding, channel models etc.Masters Thesis in Information and Communication Engineering supervised by Daya Sagar Baral are:1.IMPLEMENTATION OF TURBO CODE IN CDMA 2000 (2008)By: Damador Kandel Abstract: For the reliable communication, channel coding is employed.Turbo code as a powerful coding technique has been widely studied and used in communication system.Turbo code is implemented in forward link of CDMA 2000.The change in parameter is analyzed to improve the performance.It is compared with other broad band technologies such as 3G, WCDMA, HSPA, Wi Fi, LTE etc. CAPACITY OF MIMO SYSTEMS FOR SPACIAL CHANNEL MODEL SCENARIOS (2010)By: Dinesh Chandra Panthy Abstract: In the research process of wireless systems and in the race for the development of the new technologies, MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) is getting more attention as it uses two or more antennas at each end of a connection to send and receive data, enabling transmitter and receiver to accept signals more efficiently than with a single antenna and thus overcomes the problems and restrictions compared to the conventional system.


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