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Secondly, they may interview too many candidates who do not match with the quality of their Resume.On the other hand, in-person interviews are expensive.Don’t be scared when you walk into a test room with a lot of people. The best way to prepare for Mc Kinsey PST is to know and understand the question type in the PST.

The Mc Kinsey Problem Solving Test (so-called Mc Kinsey PST) is a Math computation, data interpretation and logical thinking test used by Mc Kinsey to decide which applicants are secured a first round case interview.

From the successful test takers’ experience, you must pass the test in order to get offer to the interview.

So that, the problem-solving test offers a cost-effective solution In the test, the most difficult thing that makes you scare is time-pressure. 60 minutes equal a sports game that you watch on TV.

However, time is like a blink of an eye, especially in the test.

One tip to use in case you only have a little time left, which is trying to use your intuition to figure out the “high probability” answers. Many applicants have been questioned themselves how much score do they need to pass the PST, there are no quota to meet.

This implies that as long as you reach a predetermined bar, you will pass it! According to my knowledge, I suppose that the minimum bar is 70%.This quantitative test is designed to gauge your ability to analyze and solve problems under pressure.Candidates who pass the initial resume screening are required to complete the Mc Kinsey Problem Solving Test (PST), so if you want to land a job with this prestigious firm, diligent preparation is your key to passing this challenge. It typically consists of 25 questions spread among five or six cases.To make use of this disadvantage, the recruiters want to see your time management skills, your math skills.Therefore, you need to practise as much as possible to sharpen your skills.Second, you can find some sample test or paid prep material to leverage your skills.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. It might not seem important “how you look” when you are going to take a pen-and-paper test, but dressing unprofessionally might disqualify you for further interview rounds.If you’re going to take the Mc Kinsey Problem Solving Test, be sure to check the advice from recruitment or HR.When in doubt: wear formal business attire, because it can never be hold against you.Even if you are overdressed for the occasion, you can always remove your tie.


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