Masters Thesis Evaluation Matrix

Masters Thesis Evaluation Matrix-15
Examiners will scrutinize the research design, its appropriateness for the thesis, and the adequacy of its execution.

Examiners will scrutinize the research design, its appropriateness for the thesis, and the adequacy of its execution.They will look for evidence of an appreciation of the range of different methodologies and of how the chosen research design suits the topic, as well as its possible limitations.

Students should consult the evaluation guide (below) for criteria employed by examiners in assessing a thesis 2.

Evaluation of the Thesis The Graduate School of International Relations regards the MA thesis as an important stage in a student’s intellectual development.

The purpose of the thesis is to give evidence of a student’s abilities in collecting and evaluating information, critically analyzing theories in the chosen area of inquiry, and constructing, testing and defending a coherent argument.

The thesis should also demonstrate a student’s ability to present research results concisely and in a scholarly form.

In particular, elements of the thesis that are considered to constitute original scholarship and an advancement of knowledge must be clearly indicated.

With the permission of the examiner and the consent of the student examined, at the defense of a thesis, other members of the academic staff may attend but may question the candidate only at the discretion of the examiner.The master’s thesis should demonstrate that the candidate is capable of original and independent work.A literature review is an essential part of the thesis for it frequently establishes the basis for a thesis’s claim to originality.It is essential that a distinguished thesis takes up an independent position in relation to the relevant literature on the topic.The thesis must clearly demonstrate a depth and breadth beyond merely a literature review to establish a clear relation between the literature and the research, drawing conclusions and making connections not immediately evident in the existing literature itself.Only the members of the committee may be present during the post-examination session.In the oral examination, the student may be questioned on any aspect of the thesis and will be asked to elaborate upon or defend issues arising from the literature review and the research plan contained in the thesis.Effective: September 1998 Modified in September 2002 Last Modified: January 2018 These guidelines are designed to ensure that the thesis constitutes a clear and permanent document and represents a standard of quality appropriate for a major graduate institution. Master’s Thesis A candidate for the Master of Arts degree offered at the Graduate School of International Relations is required to submit a thesis.A master’s thesis should be based on original investigation and must demonstrate scholarship and critical judgement, as well as familiarity with methods of research and relevant literature in the candidate’s field.For every paragraph of a thesis there should be an answer to the question: So what? Thorough and critical use of a wide range of literature and theories.It is necessary to clearly provide evidence of the range of literature, select the texts most relevant to the thesis topic, find sources independently, and follow up references.


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