Martin Luther Essay

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He went into the religious life due to the fact that All of this influenced Luther to write his Ninety-Five Theses in 1517.

The leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Leo X, was trying to raise money in order to build St. To raise money the Pope offered the sale of indulgences.

Martin Luther was a professor of theology the University of Wittenberg – something that is most notable in his life for the contributions he made to the society both as a learner and a leader.

He was prompted to act through the campaigns conducted to dispense indulgences that were launched through Johann Tetzel in Germany.

In one of his contributions to the society, he largely disagreed with the church particularly on issues of some important elements of doctrine.

He went further to deny the church’s authority on matters of religion. His controversial moves were further explicated when he defied such excommunications that were also supported by the Holy Roman Emperor during that time Charles V.

He hit back at what seemed like people were buying their way to heaven.

He started a revolution where people could read the bible on their own instead of waiting to hear it from the clergy in the church.

Luther said that he would if his Theses could be proved wrong by use of the Bible.

Later in 1521, Pope Leo X issued a "Bull of Excommunication" towards Luther.


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