Lord Of The Flies Essay Innate Evil

As a leader, Jack gives his followers approval to be savage, and even on their first successful hunt, they develop a wild, energetic chant, “Kill the beast! Jack uses the paranoia of the littluns to his advantage and forms a tribe of his own; his brutal pig-hunting attracts many littluns, whose savagery from shared fear excites their innate capacity for violence, as Golding claims in his article “Why Boys Become Vicious.” Jack further manipulates his followers into more vicious acts, and blinded by their fear, together, they hurt themselves in insane simulations of hunting and accidentally kill wise Simon, their only hope for an immediate exit out of savagery.

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In the book, the several boys try to set up a temporary “government” in which Ralph, one of the older boys, plans rational approaches to return to civilization that incorporates everyone’s effort but later fails due to the little kids’ selfishness and immaturity.

For example, when Ralph, for the first time, instructs the group to build a signal fire and a select few to monitor it so that they might get rescued, the kids rush up the mountain and hastily start a fire “like a crowd of kids,” complains Piggy, a scholarly boy who is looked down upon for his appearance.

In William Golding’s 1954 novel The Lord of the Flies, Golding reflects Hobbes’ ideas about human nature as he depicts the governing of a cluster of stranded boys on an island, from the lack of cohesion of Ralph’s attempt to rationally lead them back to civilization, to Jack’s manipulation of the children into savagery.

William Golding thus qualifies Thomas Hobbes’ position, supporting that humans are naturally selfish and evil but refuting his claim that an absolute ruler would make “wise” decisions through his illustration of Jack’s greed for power, hostile acts to Ralph and Piggy, and manipulation of his followers.Throughout human history, the issue of power has been the source of countless wars and violence, and so has it sparked inspiration in many philosophers to develop potentially better systems of government.The Age of Enlightenment saw many philosophers sprout with new ideas on forms of government to replace or refine the archaic norm of absolute monarchy; one such controversial thinker was Thomas Hobbes.A large portion of the group join Jack in hunting pigs with wooden sticks.Ralph also tells some of the schoolboys to help build shelters, but with the impatient kids escaping towards the beach to play, they achieve very little progress on them.Through this, Golding demonstrates the heightened intensity of evil an absolute ruler can cause to his subjects.In Golding’s perspective, Thomas Hobbes’ theory on the evils of human nature is correct and observable, but his proposal for continuing absolute monarchy almost contradicts his own ideas that all humans are naturally selfish and evil, as an evil and selfish monarch exacerbates the wickedness of the people.The negative human nature can only be halted or diminished by rules in an organized civilization.The Lord of the Flies is an allegorical novel that deals with the conflict between two competing human impulses.As Jack jousts with Ralph for power, the two become enemies, and later in the book, Jack stops at nothing to eliminate Ralph personally and nearly slays him by setting the island ablaze, only stopped by the intervention of a naval officer.If left unchecked, evil and savagery have no bounds.


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