Logistic Business Plan

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In addition to providing chain supply services, many logistics alliances also help companies to manage the delivery process.

Alliances can help with inventory management, such as inventory planning, inventory optimization and warehouse optimization.

But to actually land a contract or pitch a project, especially a big one, you will need to write a business proposal explaining how your operations can benefit the client or your company. You have one goal - to persuade your potential customer, management or partner that you can fulfill their needs or help them take advantage of an opportunity.

The best way to do that is not to start off by bragging about yourself, but to frame the discussion in terms of your client's needs or goals, and explain how you can meet them for everyone's benefit.

Many logistics alliance groups specialize in certain types of products.

These alliances tend to focus only on the specific category of products for which they specialize.Pages in this section will have titles like Needs Assessment, Opportunities, Challenges, Goals, and so forth.After you've described the needs, goals, and/or opportunities, you'll write a section explaining how you propose to satisfy those needs, help the client meet those goals, and take advantage of those opportunities.Let's work from the front to the back of a typical proposal.First, you need a Cover Letter to introduce yourself and explain why you're sending a proposal now, and to provide your contact information.Whatever your potential client's problems, needs, or opportunities, state them up front.Do a little research if you need to; it will pay off with a more successful proposal.Which means that, sooner or later, you will need to secure new contracts to maintain or - even better - to grow your business.You can probably attract the attention of potential clients with basic brochures and a good website.Companies can hire or join logistic alliance groups to empower the alliance group to provide assistance, establish supply chains and offer business advice for the company.A primary function of most logistics alliances is to help companies organize and establish supply chains to most effectively and efficiently deliver products.


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