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The Story begins with Little Red Cap's mother lecturing her not to "stray from the path" on her way through the woods (747). Power situations are also a focus, where female characters can be perceived as having less power (physical, intellectual, moral) than their male counterparts.While this seems like basic advice its underlying message is that if Red Cap does stray from the path she would be in danger. The feminist concepts which are conveyed through the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood are based around morals of unlawful The folk tale of “Little Red Riding Hood” has numerous variations and interpretations depending on what recorded version is being read or analyzed.

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Different versions of this classic tale portray her as a cunning and mature little girl capable of turning the tables on the wolf (Norton 11) or as a woefully ignorant and immature little girl whose victimization is her just reward (Norton 5). (Schlib, 2003, 669) which may not lead some readers to identify with the moral. In boiled water and sausage so that the smell of it arises to wolf's nose.

These accounts give us dull, one dimensional character that merely exists as a means to an end for the storyteller. Also, a child reading this story may not understand the relation between a wolf eating the little girl and talking to strangers, because it is written as a fairy tale. So he could no longer hold himself while he is waiting for Little Red Riding Hood on the roof, He slid off the roof, fell into the trough, and drowned.

One of the social values in this folktale is that a woman's place is primarily in the home and a man is to leave the home to earn a living.

Little Red Cap leaves her house only to travel to her grandmother's home.

Right after Red Cap leaves his company, "[t]he wolf thought to himself, this is a good juicy morsel" (748). First, the carnal appetite of the wolf (juicy morsel) is shown again in another suggestive remark. She was formerly known as Little Red Riding Hood, until she turned to the life of crime.

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Secondly it shows the girl is an unthinking puppet at the direction of first her mother, then the wolf, who is capable of rational thought and devious logic. Once Red Cap is trapped by desire, it eludes her, and leads... It was a good name, because everything he wore was red – his K-Swiss Trainers were red, his New York cap was Dark red, his t-shirt was a deep crimson and even his hair had bright red tips. Right now she is paying for the trauma the wolf caused her.

Little Red Cap is no exception, especially when looking at gender roles.

Sexually innocent and unknowing of the world, Little Red Cap can be unsuitably titled our heroine of the story. Children Literature 212 Intro: At some point in our lives we will read the book about Little Red Riding Hood.

The girl forgets her promise to "do everything just right" and allows the wolf to tempt her to stray from her mission.

The story ends with Little Red Cap vowing to never leave the path again and to always obey her mother.


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