Literature Review Writing

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In other cases, they are interested in an issue that is hot in the news at the moment, but has not yet made it to the publication stage, which can take anywhere from 6-12 months or more.

If someone has genuinely undertaken a thorough search and is coming up with nothing, consider studies on similar topics (or see #4, similar methods).

Research should never be done in a vacuum and should always be informed by previous studies.

Maybe there are several similar studies that have been done on your topic. The previous studies might have taken place a long time ago and you are wondering if the results will be similar.

How is your research question slightly different from those asked in other studies?

Ideally, other people’s research will guide you in constructing your own study.It is even more important to highlight the rationale for why research should be done on this topic in this case. Don’t bash previous studies in order to promote your own.Even research conducted completely differently than your own probably has something to teach us.In this post, I’ll break down the steps you should take to write an informative—and dare I say interesting—lit review.First, let’s go over why lit reviews are important.By Karen Sternheimer The core of any academic paper involves a literature review (heretofore known as a “lit review”), where you write about previous studies that are related to your own research.(We call previous research and writing on a topic “the literature,” and a synopsis of the literature is a “literature review.”) This is often a challenging process for students writing lit reviews for the first time.Maybe your research topic has typically been studied using large data sets, and you are going to use in-depth interviews; this is an opportunity to discuss the similarities and differences between your studies.Here’s another common question: “I couldn’t find any previous studies on my subject. ” Typically if a student has trouble finding other research on a topic it means one of two things: they are not looking in the right places, or their topic is so far astray from the discipline that it really isn’t an appropriate topic of study.You are explaining why you are studying a topic that you are interested in, right?Be sure to communicate your interest in previous research: what aspects of other studies you found most compelling, and what is most exciting to you about the research you are planning on conducting.


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