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He will also find it confirmed that he who is joyful in his heart will gain easier the serenity of a concentrated mind.

Teachers on the whole were totally involved in this struggle of convictions, keen to win us over to one side or the other.

The method behind Leetspeak replaces typical Latin-based letters for combinations of ASCII characters (the standard code for text and symbols on a computer.) For example, 3 replaces E, and |-| replaces H.

The process is time-consuming and silly, but Internet culture often thrives in counterintuitive ways.

The title is written in hacker’s tongue often called Leetspeak or Leetzorz.

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Leet (l33t,1337) is mainly used over the internet, which replaces most English characters by numerals or symbols.

Typical texting language, such as LOL or ROTFL, are the opposite of Leetspeak, as these newcomers to English aren’t intended to obscure but simply to make communication more efficient, a goal that requires that both the sender and receiver of text recognize the intended meaning of the abbreviation.

Technically, LOL is an initialism, “a name or term formed from the initial letters of a group of words and pronounced as a separate word.” Are there other aspects of electronic communication you’d like us to explore?

It is a common sight in Buddhist lands to see the devotees offer flowers and light oil lamps before a Buddha image.

This last problem, which concerns "philosophical faith is more important for Buddhism child labour pakistan essay than for any other religion.


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