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(herein referred to as the "Lease" and a copy of which is attached hereto)4.

(herein referred to as the "Lease" and a copy of which is attached hereto)4.LEASE ASSIGNMENT: For value received, the Assignor hereby assigns and transfers the Lease, together with all his/her rights, title and interest in and to the Lease and Premises to the Assignee, subject to the terms and conditions contained in the Lease.Then it's time to dig up your lease agreement because you'll have to go along with whatever that's written in it.

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while family or work pressures may force a tenant out of a residential lease.

But all is not lost - You can still salvage your existing lease, and that's where our assignment of lease agreement steps into the picture.

The purchase agreement acknowledged the lease and attached an exhibit that stated, “ ‘Land Lease covering real property on which broadcasting transmitter is located.’ ” (.) In ruling in favor for the landlord, the trial court agreed with the Landlord that this language was sufficient evidence that the assignee expressly assumed the obligations of the lease. The appellate court noted that “[i]n every case examined where there has been an express assumption, the assignee has stated specifically either orally or in writing that he agrees to be bound by the terms of the lease.” ( (1937) 18 Cal.

App.2d 522, 525 (“the lease itself declares that an assignment shall be void unless the assignee agrees, in writing, to carry its burdens, the agreement of the defendant, in harmony with the requirement of the lease, may be interpreted as a contract directly with the lessor”].) By Randy Aguirre, esq.

As a consequence, the assuming assignee is required to perform all covenants of the lease for the remainder of its term, absent a release by the landlord.

(, the court found the defendant assumed the obligations of a lease by stating so in a written assignment agreement.If you have any doubts, you can ask a real estate lawyer online. THE PARTIES: Assignor Name: _________________________Assignor Address:___________________________________________________________________________Assignee Name: _________________________Assignee Address:___________________________________________________________________________2.THE PREMISES: Street Address:___________________________________________________________________________Premises Description:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3. THE LEASE: On the _____ day of _______________, 20__, the Landlord _________________________ of address___________________________________________________________________________leased the Premises described above to the Assignor as tenant.The document was signed by the defendant, as assignee, and the assignor.The document concluded, “ ‘It being understood that said Assignee …Assignor remains responsible for all liabilities and obligations of Assignor relating to the Lease which accrued prior to the Effective Date. Landlord shall not (a) Transfer all or any portion of its right, title or interest under this Lease except pursuant to a Permitted Sale, or (b) create a Lien on all or any portion of its right, title or interest under this Lease except (i) a Permitted Landlord Lien, (ii) a Lien which Tenant is contesting in accordance with a Permitted Tenant Contest, or (iii) a Lien which Landlord is contesting in accordance with a Permitted Landlord Contest. As used herein, the term “Lessor” shall include any successor, assignee or transferee of Lessor.Guarantor agrees that Lessor may, without notice to Guarantor, assign the Lease and this Guaranty of Lease in whole or in part and that no such assignment or transfer of the Lease and/or this Guaranty of Lease shall operate to extinguish or diminish the liability of Guarantor under this Guaranty of Lease. The Agreement of Lease, dated February 1, 2008, by and between Royalton Realty Associates, LLC and Matrix Financial Solutions, Inc. Instead of tearing up the lease agreement and having everyone up in arms, what can be done is to replace the original tenant with a brand new one for the remaining duration of the lease (while keeping the lease terms and conditions unchanged). but whether he or she is able to break free with a lease assignment agreement is another story.Thankfully, it takes just 2 steps to find out if you are allowed to assign your lease:1. In BRE the former tenant/lender (the “Second Tenant” or “Lender”) prevailed over the landlord because the Second Tenant failed to execute an express assumption of the lease.The Lender became the Second Tenant after foreclosing on a construction deed of trust against the trustor/first tenant (the “First Tenant”).


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