Leadership And Change Management Assignment

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The new systems involved in this change project would lead to a flatter, leaner structure in the business (RDI,2011A), meaning responsibility and accountability was passed down to trusted individuals as opposed to a smaller group of senior managers (RDI,2011B).

This change was seen as essential in improving business agility, which would in turn help promote growth going forward.

Most often when changes occur, the first thing staff want to know about is the reason for the change. In a recent Salesforce study, 96 percent of executives surveyed cited a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication as one of the most important factors in workplace failures.

Dialogues about company changes have to be a component in this messaging.

The ultimate goal of change management is to walk employees through the change to a point of acceptance.

This makes communication one of the most pivotal aspect of change management.

Re-using Knowledge and becoming an effective learning organisation is important for Kondor (RDI,2011BW).

Market feedback and competitor activity is a day to day talking point, effective distribution of this information is critical.

There are a lot of moving parts leaders have to manage as their organization goes through a company-wide change.

Change management is about the strategies and tactics leaders use to keep processes, job roles, systems, and structures going and adjusting to the transition.


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