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The 38 parallel was chosen as a demarcation line between the two sides.The country that was culturally and physically unified for thirteen centuries was forcefully separated by the outside powers.

The 38 parallel was chosen as a demarcation line between the two sides.

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Though the two countries have striking differences in the way of life, they share the same culture and race.

The 20 century was full of great events that have change the course of the history and led to the present-day organization of the world.

The struggle between the West and communism has brought new possibilities.

After the World War II, the West became a great democratic power with numerous opportunities for its population while the East was left in the hands of communist dictatorship under control of the Soviet Union.

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Nowadays, the belligerence of North Korea is the issue that worries thousands of people around the world.

Such a long term colonization, in addition to the Japan’s aggressive attitude to the Koreans, resulted in the enmity among the Koreans.

It should be stated that even though Korea was a unified country before the end of the World War II, the two points of view existed in the state.

The paper presents a detailed research on one of the most crucial conflicts in the Asian history; it explains the nature of the war between the communist regime and democracy after the end of the World War II.

The paper is very informative and allows the reader to grasp the key aspects of the conflict and understand its essence.


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