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I don’t give them a specific topic because each student walks away from each interview with a different takeaway and a different emotional response.

However, students could be assigned to write about several lessons they learned or ways society has changed or answers that most surprised them.

Throughout the past fourteen years, I have asked students to complete hundreds, maybe even thousands, of assignments.

Bright-eyed, inquisitive teenagers have stuffed the work into backpacks and recorded due dates in tattered planners before rushing to the next class.

You could literally hear their admiration for and understanding of one another growing as they talked. We typically don’t dig very deeply into personal details.) Choose questions.

(Note: If your children see their grandparents often, they are likely to say that they already know their grandparents very well. I usually provide a list of questions for my students to pick from based on what they already know about their senior citizen.

Some students have also chosen to write beautiful poems inspired by their interviews as part of a creative writing project at the end of the year. I require my students to write a thank you note to the person who was interviewed, and I encourage them to share their final essay with that person, as well. ) Friends, I am telling you that you will not regret sharing this homework assignment with your kids.

They typically walk away with a deeper appreciation for the person who was interviewed, so they are eager to share their thanks. This year, one of my students worked so hard on her reflection essay that she revised it over and over again until she felt in her heart that it truly honored her grandmother.

Maybe your child could use the interview to write a special letter to the person who was interviewed.

As a teacher, I assign my students to write a reflection essay.


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