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The same figures for the Model X were 56.7% and 34.3%, respectively.Yes, to clarify, the #1 Model 3 was almost 13 percentage points better than the #2 Model X after 36 months, and almost 15 percentage points better after 60 months.In the crossover/ SUV category, the contenders were divided by vehicle size, with the small SUV Honda CR-V, mid-size SUV Honda Pilot, and full-size SUV Ford Expedition all winning for their respective size categories.

After 36 months, the resale value of a used Tesla Model 3 was estimated to be 69.3% of its original price.

After 60 months, the resale value of a Model 3 was estimated to be 48.7% of its original price.

Those Kelley Blue Book results are just for electric vehicles, but how do the Model 3 and Model X compare to non-electrics?

To be honest, this is where it gets a little confusing to me.

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The 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid won this year’s “Electric/Hybrid Car Best Buy Award” — a category that's growing more and more important to consumers.

Clarity was the closest electrified car to becoming mainstream, KBB officials said in the report.

“Kelley Blue Book takes great pride in providing a significant consumer service by identifying the new vehicles our experts believe to be the absolute best-value choices for new-car shoppers,” Brauer said.

examining the resale value of the Tesla Model 3 compared to competitors.


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