Jfk Assassination Conspiracy Theories Essay

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He was also one of the closest bystanders to President John F. As Kennedy's limousine approached, the man opened up and lifted the umbrella high above his head, then spun or panned the umbrella from east to west (clockwise) as the president passed by him.

In the aftermath of the assassination, the "umbrella man" sat down on the sidewalk next to another man before getting up and walking towards the Texas School Book Depository.

Some of our early stories explore that theme: Alexander Cockburn’s profile of Lee Harvey Oswald’s mother, Marguerite; Gary Cartwright’s “Who was Jack Ruby?

“; and William Broyles’s profile of Hugh Aynesworth, who as of 1976, could not let go of the assassination conspiracy theories that plagued him since that terrible day in Dallas.

Lawrence Wright recounted his struggles as a young man, growing up under the assassination’s shadow in 1983, in an essay entitled “Why do they hate us so much?

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“: “It was a shock how much the world hated us—and why? He was a Marxist and an atheist; you could scarcely call him a product of the city.We can control our clicks, what we choose to share online, what we talk about with friends and what we contemplate alone."Schlossberg has a point—we are easily distracted by the sheer volume of news and information being thrown our way and perhaps too easily lured by speculative headlines.On the other hand, it's hard to imagine something more newsworthy than the declassification of top secret files about a defining moment in 20th century American history. No strangers to the public process of grief and debate, his family mostly kept silent as conspiracy theories and timelines of the events of 1963 were again front page news.Now JFK's only grandson, Jack Kennedy Schlossberg, has written an opinion piece in about the files, only the latest in a series of public moments that seem to hint at his own political ambitions.In the aftermath of the assassination, two men can be seen sitting together on the sidewalk on the right side of the photograph.The "umbrella man" is the one in the dark jacket, farthest to the right.He was, if anything, the Anti-Dallas, the summation of everything we hated and feared. The world decided that Kennedy had died in enemy territory, that no matter who had killed him, we had willed him dead.” Over time, however, it surprised many of us Texans that hatreds softened and memories faded.The conspiracy theories that looked like sure things upon closer inspection seemed to come to little, according to then editor, Greg Curtis in 1989.Early speculation came from assassination researchers Josiah Thompson and Richard Sprague who noticed the open umbrella in a series of photographs. Fletcher Prouty is that the umbrella may have been used to fire a dart with a paralyzing agent at Kennedy to immobilize his muscles and make him a "sitting duck" for an assassination.Thompson and Sprague suggested that the "umbrella man" may have been acting as a signaler of some kind, opening his umbrella to signal "go ahead" and then raising it to communicate "fire a second round" to other gunmen. He claimed still to have the umbrella and did not know he had been the subject of controversy.


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