Introduction Paragraph Outline Persuasive Essay

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I take my dog Oskar to work with me nearly every day.

He rides in a trailer that I tow behind my bike 2.5 miles uphill to the Kibin office.

Here is another useful persuasive essay outline builder that I found during my research.

Include an opposing viewpoint to your opinion/main idea, if applicable.

If that involves including emotional anecdotes or stories instead of facts, that’s fine. While including actual facts and evidence can be an effective way to persuade, it’s okay to play dirty in a persuasive essay.

Make your readers laugh, cry, or quake in fear as long as it gets them to believe that what you are saying is true. For example, “Your dog is smarter than your baby, and more useful and loyal too.Your conclusion should contain the following important components:1. Remind your audience of why this topic is important.For example, “Dogs all across Portland are being unfairly denied the basic right to accompany their human companions to public places.I’m lucky that I work for a place that allows dogs. Shouldn’t responsible dog owners be allowed to bring their beloved furballs anywhere they wish?But, this post isn’t about teaching you to persuade your boss to let you bring your dog to work (although that would be cool).That said, you can’t go in and write your essay without any direction. Plus, your dog will never, ever turn into an angsty teenager.To really persuade someone in your persuasive essay, you have to be Here’s an example of a persuasive essay outline: First, it’s important to select a topic that you can take a stand for. I’m not talking about your typical “people shouldn’t hurt animals” essay. If dogs are such good people, why don’t they have rights? This is a sentence or two that helps your reader define himself as being a member of your target audience.For example, “Vote ‘yes’ on Portland City Ballot initiative 14 this election.It’s time to stand up for the rights of our most loyal friends.”Now that you have a better idea of what it takes to create a persuasive essay outline, go forth and persuade the world!I’ll also set you up with a downloadable outline template that you can use when you are ready to persuade your teacher to give you a better grade in English class this semester.The goal of a persuasive essay is to convince your readers that your viewpoint is the right viewpoint.


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