How To Write Review Paper For Journal

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Revising can even lead to a radical change in your central thesis.

Make sure that you are familiar with the s advantage or to disadvantage or discredit others.

You should also not contact authors directly, this is to protect your anonymity as IWA Publishing does not share your identity with authors.

It is helpful to familiarise yourself with the different types of articles published by journals.

Although it may appear there are a large number of types of articles published due to the wide variety of names they are published under, most articles published are one of the following types; depending on the journal.

The aim of the review is to provide the authors with constructive feedback from specialists, so that they can make improvements to their work.

This is of key importance to ensure the highest possible standard.Most papers are in one of these categories: Ensure that your final evaluation corresponds to your answers in the review form questions; especially should you be considering major revision or rejection.Your recommendation will almost surely be one of these: You will for some journals get informed by the editor about the decision of the paper.The Original Research format is suitable for many different fields and different types of studies.It includes full Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion sections.This allows you to gain a more objective perspective on your ideas.Check for the following when revising: You may make major revisions in the organization or content of your review during the revision process.This format often has strict length limits, so some experimental details may not be published until the authors write a full .Review Articles: Review Articles provide a comprehensive summary of research on a certain topic, and a perspective on the state of the field and where it is heading.Organize your remaining points into separate groups such as points about structure, style, or argument.Devise a logical sequence for presenting these ideas. Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great." Rethinking History 3:3 (1999) : 247-269.


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